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A largely modified Maybach GLS model was noticed, with unique external and interior trim applied.

A largely modified Maybach GLS model was noticed, with unique external and interior trim applied.

“The New Mercedes-Maybach GLS,” the first slightly altered version of the premium SUV Mercedes-Maybach GLS, has been introduced by Mercedes-Benz Korea.

“The New Mercedes-Maybach GLS,” which made a comeback in 2021 after a three-year hiatus, features a new seat cover design that elevates the interior’s feeling of luxury along with an eye-catching two-tone paint job. It has also been further enhanced with features that emphasize Maybach’s distinct luxury, like the E-Active Body Control Suspension and the Maybach Driving Program, which offers the highest level of comfort comparable to first class.

The New Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC and The New Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC Manupak Tour are the two lines that are available in Korea, each with a unique exterior color and inside trim.

Mercedes-Benz Korea Vice President of Product, Marketing, and Digital Business Division Kilian Thelen stated: “Maybach’s brand philosophy of ‘Sophisticated Luxury’ is perfectly embodied by the new Mercedes-Maybach GLS through careful upgrades.” “We will provide the highest level of luxury in all areas, including design, driving, safety, and convenience specifications, providing satisfaction to customers looking for a top-end SUV,” he continued after declaring, “We have achieved this.”

An exterior that exudes special yet refined luxury

With minor modifications, The New Maybach GLS’s look and interior exude an unparalleled position among SUVs. The radiator grille features intricate and sophisticated lines made of high-gloss chrome bars placed vertically. The top of the radiator grille is engraved with the word “Maybach,” signifying that it is a top model. The entire car, including the wheels, the back of the car, and the door sill panels, was lettered. Even when driving, Maybach’s distinct luxury is evident thanks to the premium chrome trim that is fitted on the front bumper, B-pillar cover, and air intakes on the front apron that are adorned with the Maybach pattern.

A largely modified Maybach GLS model was noticed, with unique external and interior trim applied.

23-inch Maybach multi-spoke forged wheels are standard on the New Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC, and 23-inch Maybach 5-spoke forged wheels are standard on the New Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC Manufacturer.

Furthermore, the Manupak Tour model comes standard with an eye-catching two-tone paint job that adds to the exterior’s visual appeal and sense of completion. The traditional two-tone hues are Obsidian Black and Manupaktour Kalahari Gold. New possibilities include Hi-Tech Silver and Nautic Blue, which highlight contemporary elegance.

The highest level of indoor space that satisfies both aesthetics and functionality

Additional improvements to the interior include the use of premium materials and fine craftsmanship elements. The new seat cover design is the largest alteration to the interior. The exquisite Nappa leather used only on the Maybach GLS and the exquisite diamond pattern quilting on the seat surface and backrest center highlight the brand’s distinctive luxury. Specifically, the Manupak Tour model broadens the selection by providing an elegant Helios hue as an alternative.

Three alternatives for inside trim are offered here, adding a touch of luxury: “Manupaktour Flowing Line Black Piano Lacquer,” “Brown Open Pore Walnut Wood,” and “Enthrasite Open Pore Oak Wood.”

A largely modified Maybach GLS model was noticed, with unique external and interior trim applied.

This partially modified model has practical convenience features that create an ideal indoor environment, like an air purification package that filters out dust, as well as multi-contour seats in both the front and rear seats that provide comfort by massaging the back and lumbar region with an air chamber and heating function. Additionally, fine particle sensors and air quality sensors detect harmful air and ultra-fine particles of PM2.5.

Furthermore, the car’s temperature, ambient light, and massage features are all automatically adjusted by the Energizing Package Plus and Heating Package to create the ideal environment for each passenger based on their preferences and mood. The Heating Package also includes heating features for the door panels and armrests. act.

The auditory sense can also perceive the distinct comfort. In addition to having excellent noise and vibration reduction capabilities, the New Maybach GLS also comes with an Acoustic Comfort Package that maximizes the blocking and insulation effects of outside noise using a special glass screen and additional materials. Burmester® is also included as standard equipment in the car. It improves the high-end 3D surround sound system’s performance even more. With 29 high-performance speakers, a 1,610W system output, and Dolby Atmos® sound technology, this sound system creates rich, deep sound that sounds like a music hall—all inside an automobile.

The rear seat delivers maximum comfort like a first class seat with ample interior space

Premium convenience features are included for rear seat passengers in the New Maybach GLS. Firstly, the executive seat, upholstered in the finest Nappa leather, features an electric reclining feature that allows the backrest to be tilted up to 43.5 degrees, and the leg rests may be extended to ensure comfort even on prolonged drives. Furthermore, the back seat’s motorized side window sunblind obstructs views of the outside world and bright sunlight.

A largely modified Maybach GLS model was noticed, with unique external and interior trim applied.

With the MBUX rear-seat entertainment system, which has two 11.6-inch touchscreens, passengers in the backseat can watch movies, listen to music, or browse the internet. It includes two premium Mercedes-Benz wireless headsets and a 7.4-inch detachable MBUX back seat tablet for system operation.

Equipped with the 2nd generation MBUX infotainment system, providing a more intuitive and superior digital experience

Drivers may choose the three styles (classic, sporty, and discrete) and three modes (navigation, help, and service) of the in-car displays offered by the new MBUX infotainment system. Furthermore, wireless support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is provided, which enhances connectivity convenience.

Dedicated powertrain that delivers powerful performance and efficiency and suspension that provides optimal riding comfort

A strong and extremely efficient drivetrain underpins the smooth yet potent performance of the New Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC.

The Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC’s 4-liter V-type 8-cylinder M177 gasoline engine can produce up to 557 horsepower and 78.5 kgf\m of torque at its highest output. The 48-volt electrical system and integrated starting generator help save fuel use by offering an extra 16 kW of output when needed.

A largely modified Maybach GLS model was noticed, with unique external and interior trim applied.

The New Maybach GLS’s rear seat is outfitted with the “Maybach Driving Program,” a mode specifically designed for drivers that prioritizes the comfort of their passengers. In this mode, the transmission smoothly and swiftly switches gears to provide a ride without vibrations.

Additionally, regardless of the driving environment or road surface conditions, the E-Active Body Control suspension in conjunction with the Airmatic suspension suppresses rolling, pitching, and lifting phenomena and individually regulates the spring and damping force of each wheel to provide first-rate comfort. act. Specifically, the car’s body tilts when cornering in curve driving mode to offer an even more pleasant ride, and when driving off-road, the recovery feature makes it simpler to get away from obstacles like sandy beaches.

Equipped with state-of-the-art driving assistance system and advanced safety and convenience features

The most recent version of the driver aid system, the driver aid Package Plus, comes standard on the New Maybach GLS. These consist of:  360 Active steering assist, which uses a camera to detect lanes;  Active Brake Assist, which reacts to stationary vehicles on the road within a speed range of up to 100 km/h; and  Active Distance Assist Distronic, which maintains the distance from the vehicle in front and supports automatic speed control, braking, and starting. Furthermore, when a side impact is detected, the Pre-Safe® Impulse Side feature inflates the side bolsters that support both sides of the seat, further protecting front seat occupants.

Depending on the driving condition, Multibeam LED employs 84 high-performance LEDs per module to offer multiple lighting modes, including cornering and highway modes. Magic Vision Control effectively cleans the windshield without obstructing the driver’s view by spraying washer fluid from a nozzle linked to the heated wiper and wiper.

To aid in easy and secure parking, a parking package that includes an improved 360-degree camera is also fitted. Specifically, the 360-degree camera can be used to use the transparent bonnet [2] function starting with this somewhat updated model. When driving in off-road mode, the transparent bonnet offers forward visibility, including a virtual picture of the front of the vehicle’s undercarriage that is not visible to the driver on the central display. Furthermore, the steering and front wheels’ position and condition are also shown.

Moreover, there is  MBUX augmented reality navigation, which overlays virtual driving guides on front camera-captured photos to help with more understandable route direction;  a toll settlement system that shows the balance and amount of the Hi-Pass payment on the central display; and a key in the vehicle. Standard features include two 100W USB charging ports in the rear seat that facilitate easy charging of smartphones and tablets, as well as digital key delivery that allows you to remotely open the car door and give the key to someone else via the Mercedes Me app. offered.​

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