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A special edition of Lamborghini's first V12 plug-in hybrid Revuelto is unveiled

A special edition of Lamborghini’s first V12 plug-in hybrid Revuelto is unveiled

Automobili Lamborghini introduces Revuelto, the first V12 hybrid plug-in HPEV (High Performance Electrified Vehicle), in honor of the brand’s 60th anniversary. With its revolutionary design, maximum-efficiency aerodynamics, new carbon frame concept, and unparalleled new architecture, the Revuelto redefines a new standard in terms of performance, sportiness, and driving enjoyment. A brand-new combustion engine and three electric motors work together to produce an output of 1015 CV. A double-clutch transmission, which marks its debut on a 12-cylinder Lamborghini, also contributes to the powertrain.

A radial flux electric motor is placed above the first eight-speed double-clutch gearbox, which makes its debut on a 12-cylinder Lamborghini, and two front axial flux motors work in tandem to produce an exceptional weight-to-power ratio. The powertrain combines high specific power elements. The new 127 CV/liter combustion engine. A lithium-ion high specific power (4500 W/kg) battery pack that allows for a fully electric drive mode powers the three electric motors.

A special edition of Lamborghini's first V12 plug-in hybrid Revuelto is unveiled

With the Revuelto, Lamborghini design of the future is available for driving today. While maintaining the unique Lamborghini design DNA, it creates a whole new stylistic vocabulary. The new shape creates a connection to the venerable and iconic Lamborghini V12 automobiles of the past, while the new dimensions invite the future. With the Revuelto, Lamborghini begins a new chapter in the Space Race, introducing a design language that adjusts to the difficulties presented by electrification and predicting the forms and dimensions of the upcoming generation of ultra-sports vehicles. Drawing inspiration from aerospace aspects, the design has sculpted surfaces surrounded by two lines that taper down to the hexagon-shaped exhausts from the front and hug the engine and interior.

A special edition of Lamborghini's first V12 plug-in hybrid Revuelto is unveiled

The main structural component of the new automobile is carbon fiber, which is made by hand at the Sant’Agata Bolognese facility. It is utilized in the frame and monofuselage as well as several bodywork components.Combining the powerful engine power with a large amount of carbon fiber and lightweight materials results in the best weight-to-power ratio in Lamborghini history: 1,75 kg/CV.

These qualities are combined in the new Revuelto to provide performance numbers at the top of its class, including a top speed of almost 350 km/h and a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of just 2.5 seconds. These figures, along with the Revuelto super sports car’s remarkable dynamics due to the addition of electric torque vectoring and four-wheel drive that is also available in fully electric drive mode, guarantee that the car exhibits its enhanced qualities both on the racetrack and in everyday driving.

Bridgestone, Lamborghini’s tyre partner for the Revuelto, created custom Potenza Sport tires to accentuate the fast and dynamic characteristics of the new vehicle. With run-flat technology, the premium, high-performance Potenza Sport tyres are offered in two different fitments: 265/35 ZRF20 on the front axle and 345/30 ZRF21 on the rear; or 265/30 ZRF21 on the front and 355/25 ZRF22 on the rear. For added peace of mind, this technology allows drivers to continue traveling securely even after a puncture for at least 80 km at 80 kph and 0 bar of pressure.

A special edition of Lamborghini's first V12 plug-in hybrid Revuelto is unveiled

The Revuelto features an entirely new Human Machine Interface (HMI) system with three displays: an 8.4-inch center panel, a 9.1-inch monitor, and a 12.3-inch instrument cluster. With its 3D visuals, animations, widgets, and styling, the system offers a modern appearance and feel. One technological “brain” overseeing a single, uniform design controls all three screens, guaranteeing a unified user experience with consistent colors and images as well as cohesive interaction between all three displays.

To provide an authentic and immersive Lamborghini experience, the new Revuelto infotainment system offers new functionalities that allow customisation and customization.

The automobile comes with a 5-year “Manutenzione originale” maintenance plan, which is equivalent to 75.000 km (46.000 mls) or 5 years. It covers all scheduled regular procedures needed to keep the car in excellent condition. With this initiative, Lamborghini highlights the quality of its services and its commitment to its clientele.

Additionally, a basic authentic guarantee of three years and a standard warranty covering the High Voltage battery for eight years or sixteen thousand kilometers (100.000 mls) are available for the Lamborghini Revuelto.

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